From time to time, I have the opportunity to show up on websites around the internet. Below are my various interviews, guest posts, podcasts and other media that are not found on this website. If you would like me to guest post, interview or podcast for your website, contact me at and I will be happy to get back to you quickly.

Cottage Blogger Podcast Interview

Heather Bayer interviewed me for an appearance on her Vacation Rental Success Podcast. Our topic was, of course, Digital Marketing For Vacation Rental Managers and Heather was a fantastic interviewer. Go listen to the show and click through the show notes for some great tips for better social media marketing.

Guest Hook Interview

The team over at Guest Hook was kind enough to interview me for their series on Vacation Rental SEO and how it can impact your vacation rental business. Check it out and leave a comment letting them know what you think.

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog Articles

Matt Landau, the single most visible marketer in the vacation rental industry is kind enough to lend me his amazing audience from time-to-time to write guest blog posts. As part of an ongoing arrangement, I’ll have more to share with Matt soon but for now check out the articles below.

Rentalpreneurs Article

Thibault is a great vacation rental marketing practitioner. With several properties of his own, he manages all of them and has the time and energy to run — quite impressive. Thibault was looking for a post about Facebook Advertising Goals, and I delivered with this post: Facebook Ad Goals For Vacation Rentals.

Rentivo Article

The team at Rentivo were kind enough to let me post on the various online marketing channels and how they fit into the vacation rental marketing puzzle. I go in-depth on how to work with email marketing, paid marketing, SEO and content and make each channel work for you. Check out the post and learn the Crash Course In Online Marketing Channels For Vacation Rentals and let me know what you think.