1) Kick Off

None of us look like this

Let’s say you’ve already filled out our lovely contact form.

At this point, we’d schedule a kick off call with you to review your company, needs, budget, goals and overall marketing strategy. We’d do this over Skype or FaceTime (it can be a video call if you’d like to see my face) and we’ll talk for about a half-hour. We’d expect key members of your team to be there, but we prefer this first meeting doesn’t exceed 4 people on your end.

Later on, if more key personnel need to be involved, we’re happy to accommodate — but usually the more people in a kick-off, the less direction we get. We’re really going high-level here at first, trying to really dig at the “why” of your company and products/services.

The deliverable: our carefully structured notes can be reviewed by your team. We always have a short list of research to complete on my end to make sure we nail the scope of your marketing needs.

The next step: after this call, we’ll work on my research and send a proposal outlining my services and fees for your company. We don’t deal with any long-term contracts — everything is month-to-month so you can rest assured we are going to provide the most value possible.

2) Data Collection

Now, we're combing through the data. Get it?
Now, we’re combing through the data. Get it?

We’re really cooking now.

After getting those first few questions cleaned up, we move into the next stage of our work together.

Now, we’re really digging into the nitty-gritty.

For my SEO and PPC work, this means we’ll get the access we need to the website CMS or any relevant Google Analytics profiles, Adwords accounts or other marketing software. You’ll get setup in my reporting tools and other monitoring tools.

And, of course, the work begins. At this point, we’ll be digging into Screaming Frog crawls, measuring your baseline marketing results so far and carefully reviewing your account along the way.

The deliverable: will be very technical — and mostly for our review. We’ll have full Screaming Frog crawls notated with fixes, campaigns audited in Google AdWords and lots of ideas for my strategy and execution.

The next step: at this point, we’re very deep into your account and we’re sure you’ll have lots of questions about what we uncover — what’s your goal with this campaign? What services are most profitable? What’s your greatness need? What’s your target CPA? We’ll have a call to nail this perfectly.

3) Process & Timelines

I have a computer too - don't worry.
I have a computer too – don’t worry.

Now that we’ve talked a few times and we’ve done a lot of baseline measurement and research, we’re ready for the work to really start to dig in. At this point, we’re changing up page titles, giving your team content ideas and cleaning up lots of Adwords campaigns.

During this stage, we’ll likely communicate over email as needed and depending on the scope of the project, have bi-weekly or monthly calls to update you on the progress of what I’m working on. You’ll be able to review my task list and ask any questions you’ve collected that will help you understand what I’m working on.

The deliverable: your digital marketing blueprint. In this document, we will outline what we should be doing together over the long term. We typically don’t write strategies that go out too far date-wise (3-6 months is common). They’re written in plain English and bullet point format so it’s not full of mumbo-jumbo SEO-buzzwords.

The next step: now we’re cooking. We’ll now have a better framework for our communication schedule, tasks we’re working on and reporting. We’ll start to review how we can execute together in the best ways and take your company to the next level.

4) Measure & Improve

Up and to the right!
Up and to the right!

After the setup and working through what needs to be worked on first, we’ll have time to reflect on what’s working well and what isn’t — and this is where we can adjust. To make improvements, both parties will need to be honest and straightforward about what’s working well and what is not.

We always prefer clients who are honest and open — how well are you doing? Are the leads we’re sending good, great, or merely okay? What other marketing channels are you investing in?

The deliverable: amazing results.

The next step: iterate. Improve. Continue to win.

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