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I was lucky enough to be featured on Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Success Podcast for a second time (first episode here). This time, we dove into paid advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads & more) and how to perform detailed research on search terms. We covered the following topics in-depth.

Google AdWords And How To Begin Targeting

We know that ranking well in Google organically is a great boost to your website traffic, but you can literally buy your way above the organic results too. However, the road to AdWords success is painted with knowing how to make it work for your rental business. In the podcast, we walk through how to research keywords and find the ones that drive a ROI, not just spend money and leave you with nothing to show for it.

Getting Started With Two Simple Facebook Campaign Strategies

Facebook ads literally have an limitless amount of targeting options. Getting started can be intimidating to the average vacation rental manager or marketing director. During the show, we covered two tips to make it easier: Website Custom Audience targeting and Email List targeting. Both are good options to get started on Facebook ads with a minimal investment and typically very favorable results. Make sure to listen to the podcast for the full details.

An Aside: Do You Like Podcasts?

I had a fun time as I did the first time with Heather Bayer — she’s a rockstar podcaster and makes it easy to talk about a topic I am passionate about. However, I’m personally curious: do you like the podcast format? Would you see value in me working on this as a method to share content in a different format or more frequently than I write posts? I have a short survey below that will be perhaps give me some insight into your media consumption habits.

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