Brooke and I connected in 2019 through a mutual friend/client. Vintory offers the #1 platform for homeowner marketing to help vacation rental managers get more inventory, and we were able to get their initial set of clients (they call them ‘partners’ but same thing) running paid search, social and display ads. Since then, our scope has expanded to include running thought leadership interviews/video content, podcast and video editing along with managing social + paid social to drive thousands of leads in 2022.

Their pain points/why they decided to hire an outside marketing company

Vintory aims to focus on high-growth techniques that produce qualified leads: to maximize results, they want to leverage a marketing team that understands the vacation rental industry.

Opportunities & Areas to Address

blake wheeler zBHU08hdzhY unsplash
  • Creation of keyword / query class set to bid on to target high-value homeowner marketing targets
  • Leveraging thought leadership content with video edits & clips on social media: building awareness
  • Launching free book campaign across social media and search platforms

Planning & Execution

daria nepriakhina MUR3s5FezJc unsplash
  • Created high-impact list of queries for use in all homeowner marketing campaigns spanning co-hosting, property management and short-term rental management search concepts
  • Launched 10+ owner marketing campaigns on paid search and paid social 
  • Content format built: video podcasting style interviews -> clips shared on social media platforms to build awareness & thought leadership for CEO Brooke Pfautz

Overall Results

  • Reached targets of 980 MQLs driven to free book / content asset offers
  • Driven an extra 110 leads via retargeting 
  • 91,000+ impressions across LinkedIn video clip thought leadership content


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