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Search engine optimization; it’s the lifeblood that drives bookings and helps guests find you online. While search engines used to easy to manipulate with shortcuts and shady tactics, the modern day Google is far too advanced for tricks.

With search engine updates that actively penalize sites that abuse keyword stuffing, paid links, or thin and duplicate content, search engine optimization has become more complex and technical than ever. Your accommodations or vacation rental website needs to be not only technically sound but also content rich and user-friendly. Think about large listing sites like VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb – shouldn’t you be using the same tactics as your primary competition?

Start With A Solid Framework

To reach the top of each popular engine, you’ll need a combination of a search engine friendly site with a solid backing of consumer research and fantastic content that people love. With smart, targeted content research, the experts at BuildUp Bookings will add relevant market assets to your site that Google and Bing will love, paired with an outreach strategy that will be able to successfully promote your brand for PR-driven links and attention.

The BuildUp Bookings SEO Process

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Search engine optimization isn’t a vacuum. You can’t simply game your way to the top – it takes time and an integrated strategy to win. We create successful SEO campaigns with strong efforts in:

  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • Outreach
  • Keyword maps
  • Customer lifecycle journeys
  • Technical analysis
  • & so much more….

Rising To The Top Isn’t Quick, But Is Worth The Wait

Don’t let poor search engine results hold your vacation rental or lodging website back. Increase organic traffic and you will increase your leads and sales. It’s that simple. The road to the top of Google is paved with hard work, intelligent content creation, and great promotion. While the world of SEO has changed a lot over the past few years, the ability for a company to earn organic traffic hasn’t gone away. Creating the perfect trifecta of content and links backed by creative promotion will increase organic traffic and the guests to your website. Let the BuildUp Bookings team navigate the complex and ever-changing world of SEO for you. Let us design your custom SEO plan to take your travel website to the top!

The Process

  • Link audit
  • Keyword portfolio
  • Crawl review
  • Technical audit

The Delivery

  • Monthly SEO reports
  • Content review
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Ranking improvements



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