50 Content Ideas For Any Accommodations Brand

Coming with new blog content ideas isn't always easy: here's a list to get started.
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Every destination is unique, but a traveler’s vacation goal tends to stay the same – to enjoy a memorable getaway to a place that holds unlimited potential for enjoyment and relaxation. As an accommodations brand, you play a big role in your guest’s achievement of that goal. They count on you for a reliable product, backed up by knowledgeable, friendly service, and one of the best ways to gain their trust and confidence is by sharing your unique insights and personality in a blog.

So, you’ve set up a blog on your website. Now what? The next step is content planning. Figuring out what to write about is not always easy. Topic ideas should appeal to your market, and help them to feel informed and excited to experience your destination. Below are our top 50 topic ideas that are sure to put you on the path to becoming the ultimate authority on your destination, and a valued expert resource to your guests.

Purely Practical

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  1. Packing List for Your X Vacation
  2. Choosing the Best Season for Your X Getaway
  3. Planning for the Weather in X
  4. Getting Around in X
  5. Know Before You Go – Local Tips to Stay Safe, Fit in, and Avoid Catastrophe
  6. Things To do in X When it Rains


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  1. A Budget-Conscious Guide to X
  2. Free Things to do in X
  3. Top Tips to Save for Your X Vacation
  4. Affordable, Unique Souvenirs to Commemorate Your X Visit

Feed the Foodie

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  1. A Food-Lovers Guide to X
  2. Best Seafood Restaurants in X
  3. Best Breakfasts in X
  4. Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in X
  5. How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in X
  6. A Taste of X – Our Favorite Local Dish You Can Make at Home
  7. Keeping it Simple – The Best Casual Dining in X

Spread the Love

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  1. Planning Your X Wedding
  2. Your Guide to a Romantic Weekend in X

Insider Inspiration

  1. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About X
  2. How to Experience X Like a Local
  3. The Best Hidden Gems in X
  4. Enjoying X in the Off-Season
  5. The History and Local Legends of X
  6. The Most Instagrammable Spots in X
  7. Must-Follow Local Social Media Accounts

Natural Appeal

  1. Hiking and Biking Trails in X
  2. Fishing in X
  3. Beaches in X
  4. Getting Closer to Nature in X
  5. Native Wildlife of X

Welcome One and All

  1. X for the Solo Traveller
  2. Visiting X With Your Pet
  3. X For Group Travel
  4. Finding Family Time in X
  5. A Retiree’s Guide to X
  6. Planning a Girls’ Getaway to X
  7. Planning a Man-cation to X
  8. X for the Sports Fan

Exploration and Discovery

  1. Day-Trips From X
  2. Finding Adventure in X
  3. Discover the Culture of X

Itinerary Ideas


  1. A Weekend in X
  2. A First-Timer’s Guide to X
  3. Enjoying X Year After Year
  4. The Top Things to do in X
  5. X Events to Plan Your Vacation Around
  6. Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in X
  7. A Luxury Weekend in X
  8. Your Guide to Shopping in X
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