Spotted today, Google is asking what I believe to be new questions about the SERP layout. Typically these slide-up surveys have been focused on the quality of the results. However, today I saw two new questions: about the visual design of the Google search engine results page as well as the speed of performing a Google search.

The first question from Google was “How visually attractive do you find Google Search to be?” followed up by the question “How fast or slow is Google Search?”. After the second question, Google showed their normal thank you message

Given just how many design tests are being currently ran by Google, it’s interesting that they are asking users how they think the design of Google looks, not just relying on user metrics data. Perhaps one of the ongoing tests like the extra whitespace test, longer width tests or simlar are causing Google to reach out to learn more about this information. On the speed question, Google is always looking to make the results of the pages show up quicker over time, leading me to think they are just checking in on the normal site speed improvements that Google is continually making.

What do you think? Have you seen these surveys show up during your searches in Google recently? Let me know on Twitter.

visually question google search
The first Google survey question: visual design.
fast or slow google question
The second Google question: all about speed.