Social Media Advertising

Social media is the best tool to reach potential guests and introduce your brand and your destination into their feeds. Popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram are a great opportunities for marketers to reach their audience and engage in a very genuine and authentic way. While many marketing methods allow for us to connect with guests, there aren’t any other platforms that allow our guests to connect with us as easily or quickly as social media. social media

The Power Of Social Targeting

Social media platforms offer robust targeting options that allow accommodations advertisers to reach incredibly niche audiences, particularly in the travel space. Our team of social media experts is well versed in all of the top targeting techniques that can help your social pages attract more high-quality followers and nurture existing page fans into actual guests. A few highly effective social media targeting tactics include interest based targeting that allows you to build guest personas, retargeting via email list uploads, and custom audiences – to name a few.

Ad Formats For Every Goal

Social media is certainly far from a “one size fits all” approach to advertising. Rather, each channel offers several specific ad formats to achieve specific goals related to your page and business needs. Options exist for page growth to help your rental business build a qualified and engaged fan base, sponsored or promoted content options that can help your posts reach a larger audience, lead generation ads to build your email lists, and website click ads to help generate direct traffic to your website. BuildUp Bookings is incredibly experienced with each social advertising platform and each individual ad type to help your rental business reach the right travelers at the right time with the right ad.

Social Strategies That Matter

Social media algorithms, much like search engine algorithms, are ever changing. Dedicating money to social advertising won’t be beneficial unless your ads are compelling and your targeting is laser focused. In fact, many platforms have followed the lead of traditional pay per click platforms with “relevancy” metrics baked in to their feeds. Just think about your personal social media feeds – have you ever seen an irrelevant or unattractive ad? Therefore, creating high-quality ads that truly speak to and resonate with your potential guests is key!


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