Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is often one of the top, if not THE top performing marketing channel for accommodation sites. However, not all emails are created equal. Long gone are the days of the “spray and pray” mentality to sending emails. Rather, top performing email campaigns are highly targeted and sent to carefully segmented list. Furthermore, well-executed email campaigns are actively testing and optimizing headlines and are thoughtfully crafted with clever copy to maximize traffic and engagement.

email marketing

From general travel newsletter campaigns chock full of savvy tips and savings to clever retargeting campaigns targeted towards travel shoppers that did not book with your rental site, let the BuildUp Bookings team build your email marketing machine.

Email List Revitalization

Nervous about an old, out of date email list? No problem. The BuildUp Bookings email experts are skilled at re-nurturing cold leads and cleaning up outdated lists. You won’t want to immediately start blasting your antiquated list with messages. Rather, the list needs to be slowly revived over time. Sure, list revitalization is a process, but nothing that cannot be overcome. An old list is better than no list at all.

Many of our clients have taken lists of past guests from the past 5 years plus and turned them into new lists with more reach than ever before.

Email List Growth

Is your email list looking a little skimpy? Or, is it non-existent? Fret not. Though email is a crucial part to your online marketing strategy, it’s certainly never too late to get started. From email software vendor recommendations that fit your lists, budget and needs, to new ideas for email database growth, our team of email experts is ready to help you get started.

Email Collection With On-Site Collection Strategies 

While some may have personal biases against email collection tools, these marketing tactics actually work! Email pop-ups are actually an incredibly cost effective way to capture highly qualified leads. However, pop-ups can be more complex than just a simple homepage trigger. Pop-ups can be customized on different pages throughout your lodging website to best speak to the offerings of that particular page. Additionally, pop-ups can be programmed to trigger at different points on the page as a user scrolls or after a specified amount of time. The options are endless! Let the BuildUp Bookings team customize your email pop-up strategy.

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