Spotted today by a mobile search, Google is now testing “Card Style” sitelinks in mobile AdWords. Spotted from Airbnb, I was not able to replicate the test across other searches where Airbnb’s ads were showing. Shown under the AdWords ad, there were four separate card style links that went to interior landing pages on the Airbnb website. As of right now, I do not know if this is a design change on Google’s end or perhaps a beta that Airbnb is in that other advertisers may not have access to.

This design change does make the sitelinks more prominent and take up slightly more real estate than the normal text-only sitelinks we’re used to seeing. However, copy wise, it does appear that the amount of text that can be shown is much less than normal sitelink options for mobile or desktop Google AdWords.

Have you seen this sitelink on mobile? Are you able to recreate it with other searches? Let me know on Twitter.

card style sitelinks image 576x1024 1
The sitelinks are scrollable from left to right.
card style sitelinks 576x1024 1
There were four total sitelinks shown for this query.


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