Why Large Listings Sites Are Vacation Rental Sharecropping

Full disclosure: I got this post idea from Sonia Simone of Copyblogger. But, it applies to this situation in a different way. The term is originally from Nick Carr.     In some ways, they’re great. Homeaway, VRBO and Flipkey have likely made you a lot of money. Sure, you’ve paid for it – but it’s […]

The Most Common Marketing Mistake Struggling Companies Make

I actually have a marketing degree. Shocking, I know. And, believe or not, my four years taught me very little about real-world marketing concepts. It taught me literally zero things about digital marketing. But, if there’s one thing I did learn, it was a lecture from my Marketing Concepts course during my final semester. This […]

Your Analytics Data Probably Isn’t Accurate

In the world of online marketing, looking at numbers is data is about half of the job. Through the transition to digital marketing over less-trackable forms of media, business owners and marketing managers everywhere have become data-obsessed. At times, it’s easy to see why. Watching graphed lines, pivot tables, spider charts, real time visitor numbers […]

A Thin Services Page (My No Strings Attached Promise)

Throughout my dealings with clients and customers, I’m often in contact with other agencies or web design companies. Of course, these are often competitors, but that’s neither here nor there. Last week, I was on the website of another agency who had a clients domain name credentials. I was on the website, hunting for a […]

Virtual Freedom Book Review: Perspective From The Outsourced

There’s a lot out there on building and growing a business. One of the major elements that goes into building a business is, of course, staffing. No matter if you just have an employee or a hundred, Chris Ducker’s latest book Virtual Freedom claims to have the perfect method for working with virtual staff, getting […]

Tactics, Hammers And Choosing A Consultant

There’s something I see a lot of social media marketing consultants out there do. They become tactic-only (and sometimes channel-only) dispensers. I see it all the time. Another “expert” in Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Or, even worse, Google Plus. This type of single-track focus on a single platform is dangerous and silly. Who knows what […]

The 400 Billion Dollar Answer Engine

Update: About a week or so after publishing this, Google posted this blog about why they make certain choices like the ones I outline below. Remember: as the headline suggest, Google is in it for them, not for you. Always be aware of this.  Google isn’t a search engine anymore. Google is an answer engine. […]

The Pros and Cons Of Each Digital Marketing Platform

Here at 91 Digital, we often encounter business owners who have a “one-track” mindset during their first discovery calls. They may contact us and a few other agencies looking for just SEO, PPC management or content marketing. But, during the course of our initial look over the client, we’ll find another avenue in their digital […]


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