A Thin Services Page (My No Strings Attached Promise)


Throughout my dealings with clients and customers, I’m often in contact with other agencies or web design companies.

Of course, these are often competitors, but that’s neither here nor there.

Last week, I was on the website of another agency who had a clients domain name credentials. I was on the website, hunting for a contact from when I naturally wanted to checkout their offered services.

I was stunned.

On their services page, they had twenty one discrete and unique services they offered.

Web design, SEO, business card design, logo creation, copywriting, app development, web application development, event coordination… (along with a host more).

For a company of five people.

Frankly, it could have been fifty people — twenty one services is just flat out too much.

General Contractors

When a house is built, a general contractor is hired to oversee the various systems and operations that are taking place. Web agencies typically have a project manager in this role. There are plumbers, electricians, HVAC, engineers and a host of other sub-contractors. Building a marketing plan is like building a house. You’ll probably have one strategic marketer who’s able to oversee all of the various processes.

But, no single person or even small team can do it all at the highest level.

The general contractor can’t do it all — and neither can the modern marketing agency.


You can’t be a superhero and try to please everyone. It’ll drive you crazy and dilute the true strengths of your offering. In the world of digital marketing, there is no human who’s amazing at twenty one distinct services. It’s simply not possible to have a designer who’s capable of front end web development, billboard design and application development. Instead of a strong focus and mastering of one core element of online marketing, companies with too broad a range of services end up with no focus.

I’ve seen it before where billboard companies try their hand at web design and they end up with a poorly-coded mess of spaghetti code.

Why I Have A Thin Services Page

I want to help you with your online marketing. I’m a digital marketing consultant. I’m really good at SEO, PPC, email marketing and conversion rate optimization. There a few other services sprinkled into my offerings that I enjoy doing and can provide value, but this is my core. I think of my skill set as the t-shaped marketer. I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the key services where I can provide value.

Per the title, here’s my promise.

I promise that if you work with me, you’ll be getting someone who’s dedicated (read: obsessed) to learning everything there is to about helping you grow your business online.

And I’ve spent thousands of hours getting that knowledge to be extremely helpful about these core areas.

The reason you pay a marketing consultant is for expertise.

Make sure you’re getting it.

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