Leveraging Cognitive Biases To Get More Vacation Rental Bookings

Leverage 4 Common Cognitive Biases

In the lively world of vacation rentals, there’s a lot more to the story than just finding the ideal spot with a killer view. Enter the subtle influencers that shape how we choose our STRs – cognitive biases. Anchoring bias is the opening act, setting the tone with the initial price tag by which all […]

Vacation Rental Marketing Strategies During Recessions & Low Demand Seasons

BuildUp Bookings Blog Graphics

The last 20 months of vacation rental demand may never occur again. It appears, for many markets, the bull run is over.  Welcome to the new (no, like really new) normal. (Of vacation rental demand, that is).  Folks much smarter than me are predicting that a possible recession, or even just a slow-down, is here […]

How To Respond To Bad Vacation Rental Guest Reviews

how to respond bad reviews

You are off to a great start as a vacation rental property manager. Your property listings are active and you’re welcoming guests to your inviting home with every bit the gusto that each guest deserves. Your digital welcome book is informative and helpful, and you are an impeccable representative of your fabulous destination. Your stewardship […]

Saving On Taxes: Simple Tips For Property Owners

vacation rental tax tips

We’re not tax professionals, speak to your CPA for advice for your situation. – Conrad O’Connell Running a successful vacation rental business can be rewarding and financially beneficial. Everyone loves to watch the profits come in, but remember the IRS is watching as well. If you rent out a room, house, apartment, or condo for […]

Discounting Strategies That Net More Bookings

  In a perfect world, advertising your vacation rental properties or other private accommodations would work flawlessly. Advertisements would be run on your own website and listing sites, friendly guests pay full price and you fill your rentals months in advance. We, of course, don’t live in a perfect world. There may be times where […]

What Would It Take To Unseat A Large Listing Site?

About once a month, I get an email from the contact page on this very website that has this rough outline: I’m upset that HomeAway/VRBO/Flipkey changed their rules. I wish things could go back to the way they used to be. Why isn’t there another listing site? Someone could make buckets of cash if they […]


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