Paid advertising has come a long way since the initial launch of AdWords over 10 years ago. What used to be a “set it and forget it” channel has transformed into a highly customizable and targeted tool. A skilled hand is required to demand the highest return on ad spend (ROAS) and that’s exactly what the BuildUp Bookings team of experts is prepared to deliver. Whether you have an existing AdWords or Bing Ads account that just needs a bit of cleanup or you are starting completely from scratch, our experienced team of advertising experts can manage everything from start to finish. Our robust pay per click management service includes keyword research, account structure, ad copy creation and optimization, sitelink optimization, conversion tracking, and continuous testing. Additionally, our entire team of travel marketing experts is AdWords and Bing Ads certified, ensuring top performance.

Why Paid Advertising?

Even the best organic search strategy cannot trump the prevalence of paid search. Search engine results pages are dominated with up to four paid ads that command a majority of the attention “above the fold”. Paid ads and local search results often dominate a majority of the screen via desktop while mobile searchers have to manually scroll through several paid ads and local results before reaching the non-paid links. A well-rounded marketing campaign will include a combination of paid and organic strategies. Just remember, if you aren’t bidding for placement – someone else is. Of course, searcher intent, click price, and return on investment are all factors to consider prior to launching a campaign. But, a well-managed paid campaign can drive high-quality leads and actual bookings for your accommodations site. Investing in paid advertising is the perfect way to position yourself front and center in front of a warm audience.

Tracking & Testing For Big Wins

Finding out the best areas to advertise and keywords to bid on is key. Knowing where your ad spend is going, which leads are coming from which campaigns, and which ads are driving bookings is how reporting connects the pieces. If you have existing ad spend, you should be able to see how many calls, leads and bookings each keyword is driving in Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

The Whole Paid Package

Unlike some paid search companies, we don’t just “set and forget” generic ad campaigns. Rather, we take the time to build out niche, highly-targeted campaigns that will drive maximum return. Your KPIs are our KPIs. Whether your primary goal is to generate leads or if you are concerned with driving direct bookings, our team is here to help you meet and exceed those goals. From extensive keyword research specific to your destination and rental offerings to complete campaigns build-outs and optimizations, the experienced team at BuildUp Bookings is ready to help your accommodations business boom. paid search process


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