When Remarketing Ads Don’t Work, Try These Tips


It’s probably the most common form of advertising advice you hear on the internet — use remarketing.

Remarketing drives huge results, they say.

In my experience, it can.

But, you’ve got to avoid these pitfalls that’ll have your carefully crafted advertising campaign fall completely flat.

You’ll Need Top-Notch Creative


This is the most overlooked area of remarketing advertising. I’ll see remarketing ads all the time that perform poorly because they’re:

  • Not well designed
  • Poorly branded
  • Don’t remind or inform

Good ads need to do all of the above — and at a much better job than other, competing ads that your website visitors will see. After all, if your ad doesn’t look better or catch the eye of consumers compared to a normal display ad, then it’ll never drive a high click through rate.

Start here — test a lot and make sure that your ads are memorable, capture your brand (include your logo) and remind your guests to come back and complete an action.

Exclude Poor Quality Visitors (Or, Segment)


It’s easy to set up remarketing ads — platforms like Adroll, Google, Facebook and more make it as simple as a few lines of Javascript into your website.

Then, you can just target everyone, right?


Once you have enough website traffic to justify it, you’ll want to make sure that you are segmenting your visitors and ignoring low-quality visitors. For 91 Digital, that means ignoring anyone who viewed one page (blog posts usually) and didn’t stay on the site for very long. It’s doubtful that anyone reading one blog and leaving is going to be the best way to spend advertising dollars.

Instead, around these parts, my money pages are the digital marketing services pages. Here’s where my potential clients are most likely to view a few pages and perhaps fill out the contact form.

Depending on your website, you may only want to target users who visited the pricing page of your SAAS company, viewed 10 or more products or visited the checkout area.

Even if you do want to branch out and target other users, make sure you’re segmenting everything so you can really measure the results. You may want to target users who only visited one page and encourage them with a compelling content-based offer for your website instead of a more conversion or lead based ad.

Another element to keep in mind when segmenting is to make sure you’re excluding converted users on your website. Always “kill” or exclude anyone who reaches a thank you style page, order confirmed page or successful contact submit page.

Time Your Sales Cycle


This is an area that’ll be different for almost every vertical. For some e-commerce shops, many users will probably make a purchasing decision quickly (2-3 weeks, for example). However, other verticals may have a 2-3 month turnaround where the website visitor is evaluating options before making a decision.

Try similar ads out for both segments — the longer time that’s passed between website visits, the less likely a user is to convert. Evaluate website visitors from 10, 20, 30, 60 and 90-day windows with the same ad to see where your drop-off is occurring.

Go Cross Channel To Win


The most common platform for remarketing today is Google display advertising, but it’s also wise to invest in Facebook retargeting as well. Your visitors will see your ads blanketing their entire web browsing experience, upping the value of your remarketing strategy.

When advertisers have both web retargeting and Facebook running, it’s common to see double the click-through-rate. This type of increase in click-through-rate is hard to ignore. For maximum impact, line up your Google and Facebook retargeting for the best results.

Wrap Up


While remarketing ads can drive huge results, it’s not as simple as “tag and ad” — there is a lot more that goes into getting huge results from remarketing ads.

However, if you’re willing to do the work needed to make amazing ads, target the right people in the right places and carefully measure results, you can earn huge rewards. You can always be testing and iterating on your ads to ensure success with your retargeting advertising plan.

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