35 Quick Digital Marketing Wins You Can Do Today



Most clients I work with are busy.

Super busy.

Some of them work on their own online marketing and hire a consultant to handle general strategy and direction, but execute most of it on their own.

Others are bit more hands off.

But no matter the person behind the computer, getting quick digital marketing wins is addicting — and insanely profitable.

Fixing one little misstep or error in a checkout page for an ecommerce retailer could raise conversion rates a few percentage points.

Doesn’t sound like much impact, does it?

A few percentage points over a year can be (and is for thousands of websites) thousands of dollars in new revenue. As in, a salary for a new employee or that cash you need to secure that new hardware your employees have been nagging you for.

Are you listening now?

Below I’ve compiled a list of quick marketing wins across you marketing channels like SEO, PPC, Email marketing, content marketing and social media.

Social Media


  • Schedule posts

Use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule out your posts. Then while you’re working, tools are working for you.

  • Setup branded mentions

Go to Mention.com and setup branded mentions to find any quick mentions about your brand

  • Setup og:tags on your blog

Use the Yoast plugin to setup the correct social media tags.

  • Use Canva to make a clickable link preview

If you’re not a graphic designer, tools like Canva make your posts look better.

  • Ask questions on social media

Engagement is king in social media — ask your fans questions.

  • Request reviews from your best customers

Ask some of your best customers for a review or testimonial you can share on social again and again.

  • Run “Like” page ads on Facebook to email subscribers

For those who have purchased from you but haven’t liked you on Facebook, target ads to them.



  • Find missing <title> tags

Download and run Screaming Frog and find missing title tags.

  • Review blocked pages in GWT

Go to Google webmaster tools and find any blocked pages.

  • Find out indexed page count site:domain.com

Perform this search to see (roughly) how many pages Google has indexed.

  • Discover incorrect citations

Use Moz Local to make sure any old addresses aren’t out there.

  • Check to make sure you pass mobile-friendly

Use Google’s new mobile friendly testing tool to make sure you pass the tests and get the new snippet.

  • Look over your page load time

Slow pages don’t convert and can perform worse in search — make sure they’re loading fast.

  • Ensure you have a link in any trade organizations

If you’re a member of the local chamber of commerce or similar organizations, make sure you have a link them them.

  • Make sure you don’t have a manual penalty

Double check under manual actions in Google webmaster tools to make sure you don’t have a penalty.

  • Find broken external links

Again, use Screaming Frog to make sure you’re not linking to broken pages.

  • See if any referral traffic is 404’ing

Find out if anyone who links to you is sending traffic to a dead page and redirect to the most relevant page.

  • Grab some long-tail keywords with keywordtool.io

If you’re stuck for blog ideas, keywordtool.io can offer up some unique long-tail keywords.

  • Request a link on any “partners” pages any vendor may have

Work with a vendor you have a strong relationship and grab that link

  • Review your anchor text cloud in Ahrefs

Make sure no one is abusing anchor text when linking to you with this feature of Ahrefs.

Content Marketing


Get some quick email wins on your content with an email signup popup.

Grab content ideas (great list of content ideas here) and find out industry trends with HARO requests.

  • Find pages in your navigation that get less visits and remove

Promote a page that’s popular but not in the navigation to super charge its performance.

  • Turn a FAQ into unique blog post ideas

There’s always a list of questions you get asked over and over — turn them into blog posts.



  • Add in full-length site links

Site links get your PPC ads more clicks — make sure they fill up the character count.

  • Check every link for 200 status code

Make sure you’re not sending traffic to a dead page.

  • Have a copy test running at all times

Always be testing to see what ad copy is winning, and which one you need to replace.

  • Create a negative keyword list

Negative keywords keeps you ads relevant and prevents wasted ad dollars.

  • Try out remarketing

If you have not already, set up retargeting codes and follow your customers around the internet.

  • Test your conversion tracking

Make sure you’re tracking every campaign element you need to with conversion tracking.

  • Create a new remarketing campaign every month

These ads get stale quickly — and your customers really start to ignore them. Create new ones frequently.



  • Responding to incoming email

No one likes the “no-reply” address. Make sure I can respond and talk to someone.

  • Add in post-content CTAs

Add in a few images to really convert your opens into clicks.

  • Need to be mobile friendly

Large buttons and single-column designs are best for mobile email opens.

  • Test your email link URL tagging

Don’t get unknown traffic — tag your links using UTM parameters.

  • A/B test your next email subject line

A/B test your email subject line for a better click through rate.

  • Use large images

Large images at the top of the email are a little different flair and can get more engagement.


Of course, the quickest marketing win is having a professional in each field review your website and campaigns. I know where you can find one.

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