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Additional Revenue Generated



Decrease in Cost Per Conversion


Blue Sky Cabin Rentals got in touch with BuildUp Bookings in early 2017. Brad Spencer (Owner) was looking for a better return on his Google AdWords spend to drive more bookings and leads. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals is located in the hyper-competitive North Georgia destination market with dozens of local competitors vying for the same popular keywords in search.

To see success, we needed to review the current account setup, trim down wasted ad spend, revamp existing campaigns and increase reach with new approaches.

Opportunities & Areas to Address

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Massive volume for long-tail keywords around subtopics/niches like: Pet Friendly Rentals, Waterfront Cabins & Subareas/Cities around North Georgia.

The target guest loves to research online for the best rate before booking, making conversion tracking more difficult.

A rising CPC trend was worrisome: how can we get bookings without spending a fortune to acquire each guest?

Planning & Execution

A complete account rebuild was put in place to organize and theme campaigns, ad groups and keyword match types better in Google AdWords. This rebuilt included several key changes and updates that ultimately led to a more organized, trackable, and overall better-planned account structure.

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Bids were lowered across 90+ keywords to match the first-position bid but no more.

Brand-new landing pages were created and new content was added to orient the guest with a strong messaging match between ad copy and landing page.

Navis tracking numbers were appended to each ad group keyword set to track calls, bookings and leads from phone traffic.

A new newsletter signup modal was added to drive up ‘softs’ leads and better track the guest planning process.

Overall Results

Google AdWords spend was trimmed 8.1% for the first 90 days.

Over 1,850 conversions were generated after the account rebuild, representing a 91.1% lift compared to the same period last year.

Cost per conversion fell over 43%, representing a massive increase to the account profitability.

After the savings in Google Ads, a brand-new Bing Ads account was created – an additional $88,700.57 in revenue & 345 leads was generated from the previously wasted ad spend.


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