Home Sweet City


When Lara and Angela came to BuildUp Bookings in early February 2022, they were facing a drastic change in the Washington, D.C. short term rental market. Starting in January, D.C. had implemented a law restricting and regulating short-term rentals booked on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, requiring hosts to get licenses, and limiting how long owners could rent out an entire apartment or house every year. 

With all these changes in place, Home Sweet City was looking to make some fundamental updates to their business. They decided to refresh their website and transition from LiveRez to Guesty to manage their rental listings, and wanted a seamless transition from one platform to another. With limited experience in PPC, they also wanted to set up a targeted PPC campaign to bring in traffic and direct bookings to the new site.

With a lot on their plate and a short timeline to get everything up and running prior to the Guesty transition, Conrad and the team set up a project plan and got to work.

Opportunities & Areas to Address

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  • Promoting the short term D.C. rental market
  • Capturing new property management leads for short term rentals in the area
  • Getting Guesty up and running and integrated with a new WordPress powered website

Planning & Execution

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  • Set up two Google Ads campaigns – one for all D.C. rentals and one specifically for short term rentals – with targeted keywords and bid strategies to appeal to both domestic travelers and international arrivals to the D.C. area
  • Built new WordPress site and integrated with Guesty search
  • Migrated over all key content with a SEO migration plan and implemented best practices with on-page SEO, redirects and tracking 404s
  • Optimized pagespeed of core / key landing pages to improve loading times

Overall Results

  • Generated 58 new property management leads during campaign launch 
  • Overall increase in traffic to new website of 22% measured year-over-year since launch
  • Overall increase in organic traffic only of 24% measured year-over-year since launch


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