Moonsail Vacations


A small but successful vacation rental company, Moonsail Vacations offers 5 unique properties in Door County, Wisconsin, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. After half a decade growing and expanding their company, Chris and Pam Schmitz came to BuildUp Bookings looking for someone to take their marketing to the next level. While they wanted to maintain the “family owned and operated” feel they’d established since the beginning, it was also time to grow the brand and find new, creative ways to bring in more bookings during the slower months.

The main thing we are working toward is achieving financial independence through the business. Along the way, we want to create incredible experiences for our guests and invest back into the area we love.” -Chris Schmitz

Conrad and the team saw a solid business with ample opportunities to grow, and put together a comprehensive marketing plan to help Moonsail Vacations fill their calendars for years to come.

Opportunities & Areas to Address

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  • Missing a centralized SEO strategy focused on content creation and link building
  • Lack of competition in the area makes it easier to capture traffic, only competing with OTAs such as Airbnb and VRBO
  • Email marketing to all past guests

Planning & Execution

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  • Built targeted ad campaigns to capture users searching for vacation rentals in Door County
  • Started writing monthly content pieces and adding to the blog to bring more high-intent traffic to the site
  • Installed email collection pop-up on the site to collect new email addresses, as well as a welcome sequence to generate direct bookings

Overall Results

  • 12% increase in online direct bookings in just 60 days since starting organic search marketing 
  • 152,000 impressions generated in Google Search Console on new content since launch
  • 3,400 new high-intent visitors via Google Search Console data to key landing pages + blog content
  • Able to sell properties and scale down services to focus on their most profitable and highest earning properties 


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