6 Changes in Safari 8 That Impact SEO

I’ll admit it: I am a total Apple fan. I have an iPhone, iPad and Mac. I do all of my computing on an Apple device. It’s not that I dislike Android, Microsoft and Google, it’s just that those operating systems aren’t for me. Naturally, when iOS 8 and Yosemite were released, I updated right […]

The 400 Billion Dollar Answer Engine

Update: About a week or so after publishing this, Google posted this blog about why they make certain choices like the ones I outline below. Remember: as the headline suggest, Google is in it for them, not for you. Always be aware of this.  Google isn’t a search engine anymore. Google is an answer engine. […]

My Digital Marketing Toolbox

There is no shortage of paid software out there in the world of digital marketing. Anyone who works in digital marketing can attest to this fact when they log into Facebook and get dozens of ads. Ask five different digital marketing professionals and you’ll get a totally mix of tools. But, this is my personal […]

Avoid SEO Headaches: How I Set Up WordPress Websites

  I’m a fan of the massively popular CMS known as Wordpress. It’s flexible, easy to understand, has great SEO potential, supported very well in the third party and overall easy to use. We find that Wordpress is a good fit for a lot of our clients, personal websites and other projects. It works very […]


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