Google Analytics Goals For Accommodations Websites

google analytics goals setup

  For me, getting a new client is exciting and fun — I get to learn about a new destination, setup brand-new marketing campaigns and improve results. One of the very first things I do when I start to work with a new client is gain access to their Google Analytics profile. Over the years, I’ve […]

Fastmail Review: Email Hosting Done Right

  There are tons of different email hosts out there — GoDaddy, Google Apps, Zoho, Outlook and tons more. They all have their marketing language on landing pages that promises fantastic uptime, great features and excellent reliability. Given that this if your email, any host better be very competent and reliable. If your website goes down, […]

Marketing Tools For Boosting Traffic & Conversions

Understanding the world of digital marketing is confusing enough. With a dozen new web digital marketing tools every day seemingly popping up on forums and websites, how in the world do you know where to start? Below, I’ve highlighted hand-picked digital marketing tools that have served me well working with dozens of clients in the […]

Semrush Review & How I Find New Keywords

Semrush (aff. link) is tool for competitive research for digital marketers. Now, there are a lot of tools that offer up competitive research for marketers, but in my honest opinion, Semrush tops the list. While there are more than a few Semrush reviews out there, I didn’t really want to break down every single tool that […]

Sublime Text Tips That’ll Instantly Make You More Productive

Sublime Text is a seriously powerful code editor for the Mac and PC. Most web developers that I work with have it installed and use it at least as their secondary code editor. However, I tweeted last week that despite using it at least some of the time, I’m sure that I’m not using very […]

My Digital Marketing Toolbox

There is no shortage of paid software out there in the world of digital marketing. Anyone who works in digital marketing can attest to this fact when they log into Facebook and get dozens of ads. Ask five different digital marketing professionals and you’ll get a totally mix of tools. But, this is my personal […]

Landing Page Software Reviews: Pros and Cons Of Each Platform

At 91 Digital and across my career as a digital marketing professional, I’ve been a huge fan of landing pages. They’re great for using in pay-per-click lead generation, social media contests, sales pages, webinar registrations, email signups and much much more. Due to the nature of this large need for many digital marketing teams, landing […]


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